Prof. Choi discussed "technology and social inclusion" at a forum organized by MCST (문화체육관광부) and KPIPA (한국출판문화산업진흥원) in June 2021.

Sangkyung and Chaekyung gave poster presentations at the Summer Conference of the Korean Association for Policy Studies (한국정책학회 하계학술대회) in June 2021.

Chaekyung successfully defended her master's thesis on older YouTube creators in June 2021.

Taekyung came back to the group and started her pre-doctoral training in March 2021.

Soyeon successfully defended her master's thesis on the ethical issues of AI in December 2020 and started the pre-doctoral training in March 2021.


Ern Chern joined the lab! —December, 2020

Sangkyung's début presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of GSA —November, 2020

Prof. Choi gave a presentation at the international symposium held at the International Society for Gerontechnology’s 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology, Trondheim, Norway. —October, 2020

Sangkyung successfully defended her doctoral proposal! —August, 2020

Prof. Choi serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Transport & Health — June, 2020

Donghun presented a research paper at the Asia Pacific Public Policy Network Conference, Perth, Australia — February, 2020

Prof. Choi serves as the international editorial advisor of the British Journal of Social Work — January, 2020

Prof. Choi serves on the editorial board of Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences — January, 2020

Prof. Choi has been elected as a board member of husITa — January, 2020

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