AT Policy Lab is a multidisciplinary research team with a focus on translational research in the convergence between technology policy AND (a) aging and health, (b) social welfare, and (c) gender issues. One of the important missions of AT Policy Lab is training future leaders with entrepreneurship in STP. All members carry out research projects and contribute to writing papers for publication. We welcome undergraduate researchers, and internship opportunities are available. If you are interested in AT Policy Lab and/or research opportunities, please contact Prof. Choi.

고령사회 기술복지 정책 실험실은 다양한 학부전공과 삶 경험을 지닌 연구자들이 모여 사회가 당면한 인구고령화, 건강, 사회불평등, 복지 등의 문제를 과학기술정책과의 교차점에서 연구하고 있습니다. 저희 연구실은 과학기술정책 분야의 개척가 정신을 지닌 새로운 리더를 양성하는 데 주력하고 있으며, 구성원들은 연구 프로젝트를 기반으로 방법론과 논문 작성에 대해 연마하게 됩니다. 학부생에게는 연구 인턴쉽 기회가있으니, 이 분야에 도전하고 싶은 사람은 지원바랍니다.


Doctoral Candidate

M.S., Innovation & Technology Management, KAIST, 2016

B.S. Business Administration, English Language & Literature, SungKyunKwan University, Seoul, 2010

Her research interests are technology policies to promote user-centered technology development with a focus on inclusive growth and public interest. Currently, she works on her doctoral dissertation on the retirement process of engineers in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a focus on human resource management and policy based on the life course perspective.

Soyeon Jung (정소연)

Master's Student

B.S., Industrial Design, KAIST, 2019

Soyeon has an interdisciplinary educational and training background and worked for a research project on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) before joining AT Policy Lab. Her internship at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C. during her undergraduate years has made her more interested in technology policy. Her current research interests include the social impact of new emerging technologies, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), aiming to contribute to developing policies to build a better society.

Donghun Kang (강동훈)

Doctoral Student

M.S., Science, Technology, and Policy, KAIST, 2020

B.S., Mechanical Engineering & Technology Management, KAIST, 2018

Donghun majored both in mechanical engineering and technology management as an undergraduate at KAIST, wherein he was very active in committee as well as volunteering work such as "Green in KAIST" (green campus committee in KAIST) and "EWB KAIST" (Engineers Without Borders). He also has a research experience on wind power generation in Chongsong, South Korea and is currently expanding his research interests to Anthropocene and demographic changes.

Chaekyung Lim (임채경)

Master's Student

B.S., Chemistry & Minor in STP, KAIST, 2019

Chaekyung’s belief that science always acts for the betterment of the world led her to major in Chemistry at KAIST. However, her active participation in international forums and studies on the social aspects of science and technology has changed her viewpoint, realizing that the advancement of science and technology could lead to significant social problems as well as benefits to society. This awareness has motivated her to minor in Science, Technology, and Policy as an undergraduate student and also to pursue a master’s in the field. Currently, she focuses on the research to improve the lives of marginalized population in relation to technology policy.

Alumni & Thesis Title

Donghun Kang, M.S. STP (2018-2020)

Factors influencing waste management behaviors: a focus on cohort differences in South Korea

Tae Kyung Kim, M.S. STP (2015-2018)

Older Adults' Perspectives on Personal and Health Information Sharing in Relation to the Adoption of Healthcare Technology

Sungjae Hong, M.S. STP (2016-2018)

An Exploratory Study of E-government Service Adoption in the Aging Population

Jung-Min Woo, M.S. STP (2016-2018)

WHO Age Friendly Cities and Communities: The Korean Experience

Hakjun Oh, M.S. STP (2016-2019)

Policies to Enhance Older Driver Safety: Older Adults’ Opinions

Undergraduate Student Researchers (URP Interns) & Research Topics

(chronological order)

Moonju Lee (2017)

Policy Recommendations for Empowering Female ICT Workers in Developing Countries in 4IR

Jung Hoon Cho (2016)

Social Entrepreneurship in Quality of Life Technology: Implications to the Startup KAIST Program

Edrick Kwek (2015)

Realities of a Revolutionary Technology: A Critical Analysis on the Usage of Prosthetic Arms

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