WATCH (Welfare Aging Technology Communication Health) Policy Lab

고령사회 기술복지 정책 실험실

The goal of WATCH Policy Lab is to train future leaders with entrepreneurship in STP.  Our lab focuses on translational research  in the convergence between science and technology policy (STP) AND  (1) social welfare, (2) aging and health, (3) communication.  Lab meetings are held on Mondays at N4 building.  Members have opportunities to contribute to research projects and papers.  If you are interested in our lab and research opportunities, please contact Prof. Choi.  

Visit to SFI in Copenhagen, Denmark in September, 2016

Current WATCH Members @ KAIST (alphabetical order)

 Sungjae Hong, B.S.

  Master's Student in Science and Technology Policy

Sungjae received his BS in Computer Science from KAIST and recently completed his first semester as a Master's student at KAIST STP.  His research interests include relationship between older adults and emerging technologies, such as information technology (IT) and data technology (DT), as well as eGovernment for the aging population. 

   Tae Kyung Kim, B.A.

  Master's Student in Science and Technology Policy

Tae Kyung majored in political science and diplomacy and minored in law and public administration as an undergraduate at Korea University in Seoul. She started her Master’s degree in science and technology policy in the fall of 2015.  Her research interests are in social and legal issues related to information technology (IT) such privacy as well as mental health. Tae Kyung is currently working on a study about how legal precedents have portrayed privacy invasion related to IT devices.


  Kyusang Kwon, Ph.D.

  Postdoctoral Fellow, Jointly Appointed by TOPS & WATCH

He earned his BA, MA and PhD in Geography from Seoul National University. He is an urban geographer with strong interested in world city theory, urban economic geography and the accessibility for people with mobility handicaps. Time geography introduced by the Swedish geographer Torsten Hagerstrand is his main theoretical approach to accessibility studies, which emphasized the impact of spatial-temporal constraints (e.g. work, commuting, nursing, etc.) on the mobility levels of people and their quality of life. He is currently writing a paper on the urban-rural mobility disparity for older adults with Dr. Choi and Dr. Jang.

   Yu Min Lee, B.E.

  Master's Student in Science and Technology Policy

Yu Min received her bachelor’s degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering at KAIST. She is a first year master student in STP. She worked at the KAIST Broadcasting System for three years. Her major interests are communication, quality of life, and mental health of older adults. She is now conducting a research about Kodokushi (lonely death) issue in Korea using a media content analysis. 

   Jung-Min Woo, B.S.F.S

  Master's Student in Science and Technology Policy

Jung-Min is a graduate of Georgetown University where she studied Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) with a concentration in Biotechnology and Global Health. Her undergraduate thesis was an analysis of the issues that brought on the food crisis in North Korea. After graduating from Georgetown she joined the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C. At CSIS, Jung-Min was a researcher focusing on nuclear energy and nonproliferation. At KAIST, she hopes to re-focus on health and further her studies on how policy can be developed to support rapidly changing public health needs in an increasingly globalized world.

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